ContraFlujoContra Flujo: Independence and Revolution
August 26 - December 11, 2010
Cross Coordinates (Ciudad Juárez MX | El Paso US)
Iván Abreu
Border actions, documents, gallery and online actions. Residents of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez were filmed when they played a game of cooperation by balancing a specially designed carpenter's level, as a gesture of the delicate balance of life on the border and a reflection of political will in the cooperation and the balance between the involved parts.The gallery visitors played with the same carpenter's level, accumulating meters of cooperation in order to achieve the goal of exceeding the length of the MX-US border (3,169,000m), and to construct an aesthetic-political gesture of balance and collaboration possibility between two cities, countries or points of view.The website works like the project´s open documentation, allowing to see, share and think, expanding the documentation and generating support gestures and sensitivity to the border´s problematic.
Project commissioned by the Rubin Center of the University of Texas in El Paso.
Curated by Kerry Doyle y Karla Jasso.

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ContraFlujo10Contra Flujo: Independence and Revolution
August 26 - December 11, 2010
Telematic audio-shock system (Ciudad Juárez MX | El Paso US)
Arcangel Constantini
Constantini searched, a distant Physical interaction between unknown persons, that establish a Ludic and Vernacular communication process between them. Trough a shared synergistic perception, to an energetic phenomenon, an experiment that researches the creation of emphatic bounds between them.There is a particular trade in Mexico, common in small town cantinas and big city bars, in which a street vendor walks around selling small electric shocks to drinking customers, using a simple transformer and a pair of metal tubes as electrodes in a hand-crafted box. Patrons can be shocked individually, but also form circles of participants allowing the groups of bodies to absorb and transmit the shock from person to person.
In Contra Flujo, Constantini has correlated the same type of electrical activity with an auditory output that generates sound oscillations, creating a complete sensorial experience that, via internet, connects participants. The system consists of two interconnected independent modules; each one is a typical Cantina Table with a 29 inch Monitor. In the center of the table there is a 15 inch subwoofer the users sit, put stereoscopic vision glasses, and take copper tubes in each hand, that has an a Accelerometer circuit inside, data of position and velocity is sent through a serial port in real time, these tubes are Electrodes that conduce electricity.
In the monitor appear the stereoscopic image of a person in a similar situation. By moving the electrodes, users control sound events and data that is transmitted between each module. A especially designed circuit, amplifies sound in to an electrical alternate current which the body experiences as involuntary musculature contractions. In synchronicity with sound Contra Flujo is a ludic experience that reflects intensity dialogues between pleasure, humor, fear, distance, connection, presence / absence and interconnectivity.

Project commissioned by the Rubin Center of the University of Texas in El Paso.
Curated by Kerry Doyle y Karla Jasso.

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BattlegroundBattleground: Tania Candiani and Regina José Galindo
January 22 – May 2, 2009
Project Space
Curated by Kerry Doyle
In this two-person exhibition, Tania Candiani and Regina José Galindo were exhibited side by side in an intimate exploration of the feminine body preparing for or engaged in battle with unseen forces. Candiani went to war in the domestic sphere, protecting her body using common kitchen implements as both weapons and armor, in work that challenged the rules of engagement in the home.  Regina José Galindo used her own body as a battleground, absorbing and reflecting the violence that surrounded her. Both artists deflected the aggression that permeates contemporary society and its resulting disempowerment.


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