Third Space: Interventions of Art and Architecture in the El Paso Borderplex

August 20th - October 24th, 2015

Third Space is a collection of architectural and public art works that explore spatial relationships of objects and their context, focusing on the moments that happen in interstitial space as well as the interaction of the users with that space. The idea of the Third Space is to approach the interstitial and the in-between as a possibility for social happenings. Users of the third space have no obligation to use such space yet they find these built environments or artistic interventions allow users to create connections and context for their surroundings. ThirdPlace4




The collection of works presented here consists of architectural projects, built and un-built, and public art proposals that are all sited in the El Paso Borderplex, itself a third space between countries and cultures, and a rapidly changing urban landscape that is engaged in a public dialogue about the role of art and architecture in the creation of a vibrant bi-national community. This exhibition highlights projects that successfully negotiate the importance of the in-between and the third space, celebrating and accentuating the voids.

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