November 5th, 2015 – February 27th, 2016
Territory of the Imagination: At the Border of Art and Space is a collaborative project that looks at the work of artists who engage in disruptive, alternative, and collective interactions with space and space technology or who appropriate and reinterpret existing data sets. It reflects a growing global movement of artist-scientist-activists who are working in such a way that the imaginary of space becomes an expansion of the social imaginary, providing alternatives to traditional state-based and emerging commercial interests. Through both artistic and participatory practices, these artists are generating new possibilities for relating to the skies and to one another.

Territory of the Imagination, will take place the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. Through a series of exhibitions, workshops and public events, we will highlight the unique ways in which the types of activities described above have surfaced in Latin America and the US Mexico border region, characterized by a particularly high number of emerging space programs, a range of both established and emerging artists who are working with space and space technology, and a range of individuals, artist collectives and social movements seeking to put space related technology into the hands of communities who have little or no access to the massive economic and technological infrastructure behind most governmental or commercial use of space.



Video by University Communications at UTEP - Rubin Center 10th Anniversary Celebration
KTEP State of the Arts - Knee Jerk Improvisation Ensemble
El Paso Inc - Rubin Turns 10


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