October 9th - December 19th, 2014

An object which speaks of the loss, of the destruction, of the disappearance of objects.
It does not speak of itself.It speaks of others. Will it also include them?

J. Johns

IndexFrontPage Index is the central concept for understanding the work of this group exhibition that features six artists responding to the context of contemporary Juarez.  Beyond the hyperrealist images produced by the media, what are the signs, impressions, traces and vestiges of violence in the life of a city? The answer to this question reveals a subtle and persistent resistance when seen through the eyes of these artists who collect, transform and rewrite the marks left behind in the aftermath of a period of unprecedented violence in this border city.

Reconstruction and resistance of memory, asymmetric struggles, postwar scenarios, rejection of mediated violence are the subjects that comprise this exhibition.  What is announced, what is denounced in each of these six visions presented by artists who have engaged with the northern border as of crime scene? 



Curated by
Alejandro Morales
Olga Guerra
Roberto Cárdenas
Gina Arizpe
Francis Alÿs
Miguel A. Aragón


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