posters without borders identityMay 1st - July 3rd, 2014
Rubin Center Project Space


Posters 4

Posters without Borders is an invitational poster exhibition organized by Eric Boelts (Colorado State University), Antonio Castro (The University of Texas at El Paso), and Erin Wright (University of Alabama at Birmingham) showing work by artists from all over the world exploring the topic of immigration.

Images of the earth sent back from space present a planet devoid of the arbitrary borders that define the nations of the world today. Yet, those very borders not only define national boundaries­–they define us. We categorize ourselves by our nationality, American, Chinese, Mexican, Lithuanian, etc. and see people from outside our borders as different or "other" even though we share the same ancestors from the earliest Homo Sapiens that migrated from Africa across entire continents 200,000 years ago.

People are still migrating, and for many of the same reasons that the earliest humans did–to find a better life fro themselves and their families. Whether it is to escape persecution, war, famine, disease or just to find a job that ill provide the means to live, the basic instinct to survive means there will always be immigrants.

How does immigration affect our human condition? Is it a threat to our security? Does it change the meaning of nationality? What about the immigrant experience? What does it mean to someone to leave their home and everything they know to go to a strange land, especially one that may not welcome them? Will they be leaving one set of problems, unemployment, hunger, persecution, for–language barriers, discrimination, exploitation, victimization?

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