For the past seven years the Rubin Center has hosted a popular workshop series for families. Children and their families have spent time exploring exhibits with Rubin Center staff. After a trip to the galleries, families share time in the studios in Fox Fine Arts, creating their own work of art. Below are some of the highlights from past years. The workshops are free of charge. Do you have a community organization or school group that would like to schedule a private workshop in Spanish or English? Please contact Melissa Barba at 747-7837, mebarba@utep.edu.
SUMMER 2016 
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JUNE 29            
Instructor: Jaqueline Martinez
This workshop will teach how to create an artwork with lemon volcanos. Student will learn about the chemical reactions between citric acid and baking soda.
Instructor: Aldo Portillo
This workshop will teach students how to create contemporary eco-boxes of the Chihuahuan Desert landscape. Students will learn about the desert plants native to our region.
JULY 13 
Instructor: Ruby Anahi Franco
This workshop will teach a variety of projects that incorporate math and art, including the Fibonacci sequences.
Instructor: Pablo Alcala
The workshop will teach kids how to create a cyanotype using traditional early photography techniques. Students will learn about the chemical processes of creating light sensitive materials as well as the history of photography and its methods.
Instructor: Joshua Renteria
This workshop will teach kids the history of catapults, and also how to make a catapult. Students will also learn about physics of catapults and create an art piece with one.


This was a week-long summer camp about understanding social justice issues through contemporary art. We learned about local issues that we face in our community and how artists have responded to them throughout time.
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Wonder Wednesdays 
Elementary children (ages 5-12)
June 25th Art+Math Stinging Shapes: Children learned how to create string art to form geometric shapes.
July 9th Art+Chemistry Wax Resist: Children learned how colors can be blended, layered and resisted, once coming in contact with watercolor/ink.
July 30th The Art of Chess: 2nd Floor Chess Academy provided a class on the rules and strategies on how to play chess, and kids had opportunity to practice.
August 6th Art+Text Coloring Words: A poet guided the kids in writing and illustrating their own poem using various media.

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Elementary children (ages 5-12)
July 11th Ceramic Workshop: participants learned basic techniques of working with clay complementing Claire Lippman: Traces of Wind and Bone exhibition.
July 18th Going Green Recycling Workshop: Children learned to create fantastic pieces of art from old magazines.
July 25th Art Now: Children learned about contemporary artists who have exhibited at the Rubin Center.
August 1st Secrets of the Streets: Participants planned and created a mural utilizing a variety of materials.

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Jump into the Ring!
Elementary children (ages 5-12)
and their families created Lucha Libre Masks and Posters with Stencils inspired by exhibition El Flow. Children also built Name Books with found objects using a collage technique inspired by Mark Bradford's artistic process.
Summer2012 SummerWorkshop4 SummerWorkshop6 SummerWorkshop5SUMMER 2011
Seeing the Light: 
The Art & Science of Working with the Sun
Elementary children (ages 5-12)
and their families explored the light-based installation of artists Cy Keener and Jay Atherton at the Rubin Center this past summer and took a look at how light works through simple science projects and hands on art activities. 
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pictureStorySUMMER 2010
Picture Your Story
Elementary children (ages 5-12)
and their families created their own paper collage posters and collaborated together as a group to make a large cyanotype textile posters inspired by the exhibit of Up Against the Wall: Posters of Social Protest. Children also built small folkloric characters with clay based on SunKoo Yuh: Seasons.Three workshops were given: Poster Collaging, Cyanotype Group Poster--Making Pictures from Sunlight, Making Miniature Folkloric Characters with Clay.
WeavingRaimbowSUMMER 2008
Weaving a Rainbow
Elementary school students (ages 5-12) and their families explored and discussed the textile based shows on exhibition at the Rubin Center this past summer - Unknitting: Challenging Textile Traditions, In the Weave: Bhutanese Textiles and National Identity and Monica Bengoa The Third Lie: Chromatic Deflections. Participants then had an opportunity to create their own textile-based craft, with guidance from UTEP art students and Rubin Center staff.
ElMaestroyLosAnimalesSUMMER 2007
El Maestro y Los Animales
Families were immersed in the life and culture of Oaxaca, Mexico through the work of Francisco Toledo. After exploring his images of people and animals, students learned a simple printmaking process that allowed them to create their own works of art. 
Multiplicity explored the use of multiples in contemporary ceramics. In the galleries the children discussed ceramic violins suspended
from the ceiling and marveled over a wall-size installation of cast cotton swabs. Back in the studios adults and children created their own ceramic pieces which were then fired by the UTEP Ceramics studios. 
EduActWarholSUMMER 2005
Andy Warhol's Dream America
After exploring the colorful screen prints of this twentieth century icon, children painted colorful images of their own faces.