Rubin Gallery
Thursday, October 9th - Friday December 19th, 2015


Alejandro Almanza Pereda has developed an international reputation for the creation of large-scale artworks that often appear to defy the laws of physics.  He uses sculptural and architectural techniques to create objects and installations that force the viewer to confront precarious situations, playing upon our reactions to danger and uncertainty.  The gallery becomes a hazardous landscape with bowling balls balanced on glasses balanced on tables balanced on file cabinets; a sharpened axe dangling from the ceiling; or cinderblocks chained together and piled haphazardly from floor to ceiling. In this Rubin Center installation, Pereda will be working with the Department of Geology, UTEP's Keck Lab and the UTEP Centennial Museum to create an installation based on material culture.  Pereda has exhibited in individual and solo shows throughout the US and Latin America, and has been the recipient of grants from the Harpo Foundation, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, and Mexico’s National Fund for the Arts and
Culture (FONCA) 
Young Creators Program.