León de la Rosa and Cathy Lee Crane

Rubin Center Auditorium

Monday, May 14 – Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Is a global project initiated in 2011 by the late German filmmaker Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann. From 2011 -  2014 they personally conducted 15 video production workshops in cities around the world. Since 2017 new workshops have been conducted in new constellations by independent curators following the principles set out by the projects’ founders. The collection of work in this exhibit was produced by students from the Departamento de Arte, IADA, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez under the supervision of professor León De la Rosa Carrillo in collaboration with 2018 BAR Artist Cathy Lee Crane. In this collection assembled at the Rubin Galleries, we see an expansion of the notion of labour to include the labour of artists themselves. This exhibit constitutes the latest contribution to a project that insists on becoming a crucial archive on the nature of labour in the 21st Century.

The conceptual framework of the project utilizes a simple constraint: each participant will produce a video from 1 to 2 minutes in length, each taken in a single shot. The camera can be static, panning or travelling – cuts are not allowed. The task as set leads straight to basic questions of cinematographic form and raises essential questions about the filmmaking process itself. Almost every form of labour is repetitive. How can one find a beginning and an end when capturing it? Should the camera be still or moving? How to film the choreography of a workflow in one single shot in the best and most interesting way? The workshop results show that a single shot of 1 or 2 minutes can already create a narrative, suspense or surprise. The exhibit includes monitor with links to the on-line global archive of Labour in a Single Shot. 

 Participating Artists

LeonLeón De la Rosa Carrillo is a user and generator of audiovisual content. He teaches and researches digital media with a special emphasis on the creative practices associated with them. He has been a faculty member in the Art Department at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez since 2004, where he created and heads the AV Media track; he has also led courses dealing with applied ethics, audiovisual theory, contemporary image theory and seminars on multidisciplinary approaches to art. His videos, poetry, and multimedia performances have been shown in Mexico, the United States, Germany and South America among others.

Soy solo palabras but wish to be a city was published by Unlikely Books in 2010; Ojalá, a collaboration with Philip Zimmermann was published on Spaceheater Editions in 2012. He completed a PhD in Art History and Education at the University of Arizona with an emphasis on Art and Visual Culture Education in 2015. His dissertation was an arts-based educational research on the language of Internet Memes. leondelarosa.org 



Cathy Lee Crane has been charting a speculative history on film since 1994. She is the recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts as well as grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and the San Francisco Arts Commission. Her award-winning films (which include the experimental biographies Pasolini’s Last Words and Unoccupied Zone: The Impossible Life of Simone Weil) have screened at the Viennale, San Francisco International Film Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Cinematheque Francais, BFI, and Arsenal/Berlin. Her body of work received its first survey in 2015 as part of the American Original Now series at the National Gallery of Art. She released her first feature The Manhattan Front www.themanhattanfront.com in February 2018. Crane is Associate Professor in Film at Ithaca College.



Participating Students
Cosme Aguirre
Jissel Chávez
Fabiola García
Andrea Gutiérrez
Sarahi Ibarra
Dafne Estrada
Beatriz Méndez
Neida Molina
Daniel Ortega
Lorena Ortiz
Ángel Rangel
Alexandra Rodríguez
Roberto Sáenz
Leonardo Torres
Ángel Villa